Pokemon Storm Silver Wikia

Here we have your first route of the game but first things first note this is my first wiki page and i'm certanly not proffesonal and i don't even know how to take a pic on my laptop XD but here at least is the wild pokemon list for now and any obtainable items

Pidgey 20%

Sentret 20%

Ratata 15%

Starly 15 %

Zigzagoon 10%

Bidoof 10%

Hoppip 5%

Wurmple 5 %

Sentret has a 5% chance to hold an oran berry but it's relatively useless so don't bother as in this hack your starter is holding an Oran Berry anyway. Wurmple I think can hold a pecha berry at ?% so if you can confirm this and the % chance then feel free to notify me The next route is Route 46 and will be the next page The items on this route also include some potions and a pokeball in the same place as in the original